How NeCoSys began!

What is NeCoSys: 'Networking Communications Systems Inc'! NeCoSys was instituted as the management organization center for the many websites that were under development for use as Networking Communications, the same as many other such websites and sevices ~ albeit: Our mission is to keep all users personal information and data as safe as we possibly can, not marketing or selling it for profit!

Please See Our Mission Statement Below!

Our Mission Statement:

The Privacy & Security of your personal information and data is our 'Job-One'! We will strive to the best of our ability to keep this front and foremost in our efforts.

NeCoSys (Networking Communications Systems Inc) was developed to keep the interests and concerns of the people first, before profits and invasions of your life! We are and will always be completely open to your thoughts and ideas! Send us your IDEAS/CONTACT